January 27, 2009

Open Source Billing Software – jBilling for Every Business

JBilling is the only open source billing software with enterprise features robust architecture and professional support. It is also free to download and use as you wish.

Businesses of all sizes – from small to large scale companies can benefit from the robust architecture, versatility, scalability, flexibility and the professional support when needed.

JBilling has been serving several thousands of businesses of all sizes from all parts of the world, generating invoices, processing payments and automating accounting. Big enterprises use jBilling software mainly because of the control and flexibility it provides. They also gain considerable financial gains as a result of using open source, instead of proprietary systems.

JBilling software is the open source billing software, easily customizable to the needs of a very small business to large enterprise. The best part is, the IT department can take full control of the billing software system. The customization goes far beyond rearranging the GUI elements and into actually programming the software to meet your specific needs.

Excellent Business Rules Management System

JBilling can serve a small business that has a few hundred customers to large enterprise that has business spread across the country and internationally with several millions of customers. JBilling sees to it that business users can utilize what they need, while not worrying about extra features. Start up companies to large corporations, there is a software that can provide invoicing support.

Simple to complex billing requirements, enterprises can customise the billing rules according to the exact business requirements. The business rules management system allows you to add or change business rules as you go.

Billing software of all kinds will need extreme flexibility. The billing requirements can be different to different industries. The same billing standards may not work in two industries. Companies within the same industry can have different billing styles. The billing software needs to accommodate this need. That is, the billing software should be easily customisable to the exact needs of the business. The business rules show almost an infinite variety and it is difficult to find a billing software that can easily accommodate all those requirements.

The Key Advantages of jBilling

Optaros, a consulting and systems integration company focusing on open source products has jBilling as the only billing software in its catalogue. Similarly, it is the most active open source billing software at SourceForge.net, where 100,000 open source projects are listed. The growing number of downloads every day signals its growing popularity among entrepreneurs round the world. Active forums, professional support and frequent updates also are notable features about jBilling.

The most important thing is, jBilling is distributed throughout the world and expert volunteers work on this software to improve it every day. The pooling of IT talents from around the world is something you can always count on. This ensures high levels of security too, as any security bug will be fixed the minute it is discovered.

jBilling is the only software that offers freedom, flexibility and security like nothing else in the billing sector. It has all the elements within it to gain considerable advantage in the niche market of billing software.

jbilling is an open source recurring billing system, targeting companies that periodically charge their customers for services. It calculates and generates the invoices, handles automatic payment processing with credit cards and notifies the customers about the status of their accounts.

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December 31, 2008

How to Sell Challenging Prospects

Do you wonder why some prospects are harder to reach than others? Are you curious why you connect with some clients like metal to a magnet? There is good reason for this and if you make a few adjustments to your selling style and marketing strategies, you can broaden your attraction level to the clients you want to reach.

The question of why some prospects are harder to reach started with a conversation with my son, Jonathan who is 33 years old and single. I am older, married and we have different interest because of our age and how we like to spend our free time. When Jonathan and I talk about sports, we find common ground to relate with one another. We don't watch the same programs or read the same magazines and there are hundreds of choices in these areas which makes it even more challenging. When my father was my age and I was my son's age, there were only a handful of TV stations and a few magazines to select from. These fewer choices made it easier for us to relate to one another.

Finding the Common Ground

With all the different entertainment options in the form of hundreds of TV or cable channels, video games and thousands of magazines, it can make it more challenging to find common ground. When you have the opportunity to visit someone in person and at their office, it is easier to find personal interest points you can relate to.

  • Plaques on the wall and pictures will reveal interests and discussion points to connect.
  • Clothing can reveal a lot about how your prospect prefers to be reached. If the clothing is distinctive and formal, this is a BIG clue that you should communicate this way. If the dress is more casual, you will relate better on that level.

Getting in front of a contact isn't easy. However, there are ways to discover what your clients like to do and what their interests levels are so you can have common ground.

The Social Networking Relationship Clues

You can learn important facts about your prospects on LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook and other social networking sites your customer are on by simply visiting their profile. When a prospect completes their profile, they often share key interest points you can use in conversation and communications that will help you reach them on a personal level.

I hope by now you understand that the reason you don't connect with some clients is because you don't have anything in common with them. If you use the tools and clues available to you, you can form high level relationships by showing interest in your contacts and making an effort to reach them on their level and interests.

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December 24, 2008

Looking for Job Or Money

Do you get bored and restless with your life recently? Relax, life is beautiful. there is always a solution to the problem, do not tremble. That you should need only survive then try again. Did you ever hear about SalonChannel.com? I will try explained to you.
SalonChannel.com is a website for people in the salon industry. so many jobs you can try for you who are interested. Believe in yourself that you can, because it is your capital base.

at SalonChannel job center you are not alone, because we care. So, what you waiting for? what you want to know more salon jobs, beauty jobs, esthetician jobs . Arise, let's go up.

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December 01, 2008

Google adsense in google trends

Google trends shows Searching for 'google adsense' is increasing day by day. Google adsense program, hence proved that this is the money making giant in the internet world. Majority of the search is from the country Vietnam. Indonesia and Philippines comes next to the top queried country Vietnam. India placed at 6th position in searching "google adsense". But USA and UK are not get listed in first 10 positions in searching adsense money making program. Actually majority of internet users is from USA and UK. But in the case of google adsense search they moves backward. It is an important point for those who are searching for google secrets.

Kula Lampur city in Malaysia comes first in the hunt of google adsense. Second position is from Florida city of USA. When comparing country wise and city wise, we can see that most hunters of google adsense comes from USA, But USA is not listed in first 10 countries.

Google trends based on language shows that most searchers of "google adsense" are from Malaysian Language. English placed after Romanian. [Please note that "google adsense" is one of the high paying keywords. I mean creating a website on "google adsense" is an easy method to get money by showing google ads.]

Anyway google trends gives us an insight to searching behaviors among different countries and cities. One who wants to implement google adsense successfully, need to study google trends on google adsense search. Then he will be able to explore the advantages of google adsense easily.

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November 26, 2008

Find The Right Reasons To Make Money Online and Work From Home

Why are you involved in online home based? Besides "to make money online," these are the common answers people give:

a. The reason to make money online and work from home is "Killing time."

These people are occupied just to pass the time thus they get into program to make money online and work from home. They are being involved in the program for another day biting the dust.

b. The reason to make money online and work from home is "Just a job."

These people will find ways to do as little as possible in their online home based.

c. The reason to make money online and work from home is "A worthwhile career."

These people have professional pride and qualifications. They possess the opportunity to see their efforts in online home based come to fruition.

d. The reason to make money online and work from home is "This is me."

These people own the definitive element of self-identity. They find meaning, fulfilment and significance in their online home based. They do not only make money online and work from home but also give tremendous value to others. These people will select a value for money program. They go extra miles to help others and their existence last.

When you make money online and work from home, which group are you at now? Which group would you like to be at? Remember, online home based is your part-time job; living your life is your full-time job.

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Advanced Tips to Make More Money With Online Business

You can make more money with online business. So many online businesses are available today for you.

Make Money Online by Blogging
Blogging can get you more profit online. You can get money by blogging in different way. You can get more people through your popular blog to your website, you can blog for other companies, you can review products for other companies’ products for a fee, and you can add affiliate links to earn money. You can earn unlimited by popularizing your blog and making it a online business.

Make Money with Online Auctions
Online auction is a online business for you. Sell products at online auction sites to earn a profit. Buy an item at low price, sell it at a high price to earn the difference a profit. eBay is a very good example of online auction.

Make Money with Paid Surveys
Many websites and organization pay money for taking part in surveys. Online surveys can get you money in few minutes.

Make Money with Affiliate Programs
Get affiliate links in your website and earn more money online. Online affiliate programs will get you money as commission. You can opt for so many affiliate programs. Choose one that is related to your products and services. You can create a good online business using affiliate programs.

Make Money with ebooks
Write ebooks about different topics and sell them to the people who need it. Publish your ebooks online. All these will get you more money.

Make Money with Web Sites
Make your own website and earn more money. Make money with freelance web designer. A single website can get you money in different ways. You can opt for affiliate marketing using your website, you can sell ad space, you can make more links, you can advertise your products in the website, and you can get your website listed in the search engines and get more traffic to your site, thus making your website a online business place.

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